Comcast will show Twins-Yanks Game 1 to all subscribers

Comcast/Xfinity in the Twin Cities area is making a good-will gesture to Twins fans. The cable outfit will make MLB Network available at no extra charge to Comcast cable Twins logo tcsubscribers in the Twin Cities metro area. This allows fans to watch Game 1 of the Twins/Yankees Divisional series on Friday. Here is the message on a Comcast Tweet from earlier today:

“Comcast is excited to make MLB Network’s free preview available to its Twin Cities customers in time for Friday’s Twins-Yankees playoff game. Video customers can watch MLB Network at no additional cost thru 10/11. Just say, “watch MLB Network” into the X1 voice remote. GO TWINS!”

Prior to today’s last minute announcement, customers who did not subscribe to a special tier of their service, would not have been able to access the game. This is the only game from the Twins-Yankees series that is being carried by MLB Network. The rest air on FS1, which is carried on most basic packages.

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