Caleb Truax withdraws from August 31 bout at The Armory

Coon Rapids, Minnesota (August 21, 2019) — Caleb Truax is withdrawing from his August 31st match against Peter Quillin due to a right Achilles injury.

Dr. Paul Schaefer of Health Partners’ Stillwater Medical Group recently diagnosed Truax with a “high-grade, partial-thickness tear of the Achilles tendon on his right ankle.”

Caleb Truax    photo by Marilyn Indahl

Truax initially sustained the Achilles injury in March, and the nature of the high-grade tear presented surgery and non-operative management as options. Truax elected for the latter option, starting with six weeks in a boot, then he transitioned to physical therapy and was progressing. But as his workouts intensified, he was concerned about the strength of his Achilles tendon before a scheduled sparring session.

“In my judgement, he will not be properly rehabbed and conditioned in time for the scheduled match,” Dr. Schaefer says. “I am concerned he would put his personal safety at risk engaging in this fight.”

Truax has largely avoided serious injuries throughout his career.

“I’ve been training hard every day, and I’ve always prided myself on pushing through any injuries,” Truax says. “But I know my body, and I know when enough is enough.

“I’m disappointed because this was a huge opportunity to take a big step toward regaining my IBF super middleweight title,” he adds. “I’m disappointed for all my fans because I wanted to put on a great show for them at The Armory. But I didn’t want to go into this fight, not being able to perform at a level that people are used to seeing from me and also performing at a level so I can defeat a world-class fighter like Peter Quillin.”

Truax is currently weighing his options, which includes surgery, but he wanted to inform all parties of this update as soon as possible.

“This was an unexpected setback in a highly-anticipated bout for Caleb,” promoter Tony Grygelko says. “But Caleb’s health and well-being is our top priority, above all else.”


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