Q&A with Lynx Center Sylvia Fowles

Lynx center Sylvia Fowles has emerged as an MVP candidate this year; currently leading the league in field-goal-percentage and steals, while placing second in scoring and rebounding and fourth in blocks.

The 31-year-old came to Minnesota in a July 2015 trade with Chicago. In seven seasons with the Sky, Fowles had established herself as one of the league’s most dominant post players. A four-time All Star, she finished in the top five in rebounding each season, led the league in blocks twice and was named WNBA Defensive Player of the Year twice.

After helping the Lynx capture the 2015 WNBA title, the 6-6 center won her third Defensive Player of the Year award last season. I chatted with Fowles following practice last week.

DZ: It’s been a little less than two years since you’ve been traded here. How much has that meant to your career?

FOWLES: Just a change-up. Difference atmosphere. Different coaches. Some friends that I knew, but new faces, teammates. New organization. It was a good change for me.

DZ: What makes this team so special?

FOWLES: We have very unselfish players. Everybody has one, common goal and that’s win and have fun.

DZ: I saw you just won (WNBA) Player of the Week. Do you get anything for that?

FOWLES: I know in the past, you normally get a plaque or something to go on the wall. I probably won’t see that until the end of the season. They ship it to my house. That’s when I get a chance to see everything. When I get home.

DZ: You and Seimone (Augustus) go back to LSU. Could you just talk about your relationship with her and what it’s meant to your career?

FOWLES: I don’t like Seimone (laughs). She like a big sister. She is an only child, so of course, she is so annoying, but at the same time, she means well. She is going to get after you when she feels like you are not working hard, but you can always give that feedback back to her. I love the relationship that we have. Like I said, she is like my sister. I don’t think she could have been my real sister, we would have had many of fights. I just love playing with her, she brings her energy, her knowledge. She goes hard.

DZ: Is there anything about her that maybe the fans don’t know?

FOWLES: Seimone is a prankster! I know a lot of people think she’s quiet, but no way! She is such a prankster!

DZ: I read that you are taking classes to major in mortuary science. Can you talk about how you got into that?

FOWLES: It’s something that I always wanted to do since I was younger…I’ve always been interested in it, but never had time to work on it, but I am loving it. I am excited to get in and do all the nitty-gritty stuff.

DZ: Do you definitely want to do that when you are done playing?

FOWLES: For sure. I definitely want to be a mortician.

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