Gophers suspend 3 men’s basketball players for remainder of season

On the heals of an incident which reportedly involved Gopher men’s basketball players who posted videos of themselves online having sex, U of M coach Richard Pitino has suspended the players in question and released the following statement Tuesday:

Statement from Head Men’s Basketball Coach Richard Pitino

After careful and continued consideration, I am suspending Kevin Dorsey, Nate Mason and Dupree McBrayer for the duration of the season. I believe this is the best thing for the basketball program as we strive to build a strong and respectful culture each and every day.

We do our best to continue to consistently teach, educate and serve all of our student-athletes. It’s a privilege to be a member of the University of Minnesota basketball program – something as a coaching staff we do not take lightly and that we stress daily to our student athletes. In this instance, these student-athletes failed to meet the standards we have set.

I thank our fans for their support and we look forward to another tremendous opportunity for our team at Williams Arena tomorrow night.


Statement from Interim Director of Athletics Beth Goetz

Coach Pitino and I have had extensive discussions during the last several days, and I support his decision to suspend three student athletes for the remainder of the season. The privilege of representing the University of Minnesota comes with great responsibility and we hold all of our student-athletes accountable.


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