Photo Gallery: Vikings beat Rams in overtime

The Minnesota Vikings got a 40 yard field goal by Blair Walsh in overtime to beat the St.Louis Rams Sunday 21-18 at TCF Bank Stadium. The win raises Minnesota’s record to 6-and-2 on the season, vaulting them into a first place tie with Green Bay in the NFC North. Photos by Marilyn Indahl

WMI2_0457 WMI2_0466 WMI2_0469 WMI2_0610 WMI2_0619 WMI2_0622 WMI2_0625 WMI2_0628 WMI2_0645 WMI2_0653 WMI2_0661 WMI2_0681 WMI2_0697 WMI2_0701 WMI2_0709 WMI2_0729 WMI2_0800 WMI2_0809 WMI2_0834 WMI2_0841 WMI2_0853 WMI2_0863 WMI2_0887 WMI2_1014 WMI2_1023 WMI2_1026 WMI2_1028 WMI2_1035 WMI2_1038 WMI2_1041 WMI2_1047 WMI2_1056


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