Sights & Sounds of the US Open, Day 2


Kane Waselenchuk breezed through his quarterfinal match today, defeating Jansen Allen 11-3, 11-1, 11-1. He is two wins away from his 11th US Open title. Some thoughts from the sport’s all time best….

On his serve:

“I was trying to hit different angles. My opponent tomorrow is (No. 3 seed) Alvaro (Beltran) and I really gotta get that serve in there and get my angles right. He can definitely punish me more than Jansen for hitting bad serves. I am just trying to find some spots on the court.”

Staying focused in blowouts:
“This is going to sound simple, but you have to win three games. There’s been lots of times where guys have been up two games to nothing and there is a momentum switch and they lose the third game and then the fourth game and the next thing you know – in the blink of an eye – you’re in a tiebreaker. I would like to think that me being up two games is really hard to come back. My level really doesn’t drop throughout the match. I would like to think it gets better.”

Assessing his performance:
“I would say I started out a little bit slow. The serve at the beginning wasn’t really coming in like I wanted it to – hitting the side wall, back wall, instead of right in the corner. The rally play today – felt good, felt smooth. My footwork felt really nice. Probably midway through the first game that was pretty much when I got in my comfort zone and really started cranking on balls.”


Daniel De La Rosa (serving) had a surprisingly easily time downing No. 5 seed Jose Rojas today, 11-1, 11-4, 11-5. The 22-year-old shared this after the match…

On today’s Quarterfinal win:

“Last night was I was like, ‘I am ready for him. I am excited to be in this tournament. It’s my favorite and I want to do my best and it works very well.”

US Open preparation:
“Everything in metal. I have the game, I have the shots, I have the conditioning and everything…Especially in a big setup like this with a lot of people watching. Everything is mental.”

Do you feel like it is your time right now?
“Ahhhhh, yes! I feel like it is my time – change a little bit with the old guys – new school. We’ll see what happens. I don’t have anything to lose and I want to do my best.”

Saturday’s Semifinal vs. No. 1 Rocky Carson:

“Keep focused and shoot. I don’t care about my opponent; it’s just me and the ball – that’s it. I know it’s hard for me playing against Rocky because he’s a really good player and has a lot of experience in this tournament…If I can control myself, I think I can do a good match.”


No. 1 seed Paola Longoria remained on track for her 6th US Open crown, dropping Sofia Rascon in 3 games.


Maria Jose Vargas (bottom right), the No. 2 seed, looked in on her rival.


Rocky Carson, the current world No. 1, warmed up for his quarterfinal match. He defeated Marcos Rojas 11-4, 11-9, 11-5.


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